Garages don't have to be a mess, make it a place where things are accessible.

Laundry rooms can be functional and look good at the same time!

Placing your DVDs alphabetically in baskets makes them easy to find.

Have an abundance of fabric? Store it by color or type in a cabinet that is useful and attractive. 

Adding a cabinet in a corner of a small bathroom is a good place to store  towels and other essential items.

Bringing natural light into a bathroom helps make it look bigger.

Client Spaces

Space: residential bathroom

This was a client who had an abundance of beauty products and no room for them.  We worked together to sort out what she used, needed, and wanted to keep.  Once that was accomplished,  we organized and rearranged her entire bathroom. The results were amazing and she had a usable space without all the clutter.  


The client in this photo was very OVERWHELMED at the task to clean/ go through her basement.  By taking one item/step at a time, and working closely together were able to accomplish an organized basement.  Her basement became a place she wanted to be again!