I love the feeling of seeing my clients fall in love with their spaces once they are clutter free and organized.

What is a Professional Organizer?

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) describes a professional organizer as someone who can provide ideas, solutions and systems which could increase productivity, reduce stress and lead to more control over time, space and activities.  Most importantly a professional organizer is an objective observer with the ability to effectively review and assess the "big picture" of your organization, define an individual solutions and system, and implement the changes.  All the while keeping confidential the clients information both business and personal.


My name is Leann Busch. I am a native of Colorado and enjoy living here with my husband. I am a  mother of two and a grandmother of four. I have been a professional organizer since 1999, but I have organized unprofessionally all my life. I am a member of the National Organization for Professional Organizer (NAPO). I enjoy being organized and organizing for other people. I understand the stress and anxiety some of my clients experience as we begin the process of decluttering and organizing their environment. I consult with the client to determine their needs and customize solutions to fit their lifestyle.   Though out the organizing process I teach clients how to continue to maintain the new organization, customizing what works for them. Once completed with their project, my clients feel relieved, confident and becomes more productive, less frustrated and overall more efficient.